Contemporary art is open, ephemeral, interdisciplinary, multimedial, discursive, dependent on concept and context and increasingly interactive. The diversity of contemporary art requires a fastidious commitment to documentation for no other reason than at some point the work will need research and authentication by those not present at its conception and presentation. Inadequate descriptions and visualisations of eventful art works are symptomatic today even when supple means documentation are widely accessible.
FMErá is committed to archival documentation of its own presentations and, here and there, that of other artists and presenters.

Thirty Two Echofluxx 11-23 Sound Recordings


Současné umění je otevřené, pomíječné, interdisciplinární, multimediální, diskurzivní, závislé na konceptu a kontextu a stále více interaktivnější. Rozmanitost současného umění vyžaduje náročný závazek k dokumentaci z žádného jiného důvodu, protože v určitém okamžiku bude práce potřebovat výzkum a autentizaci těch, kteří nejsou přítomni při jeho koncepci a prezentaci. Nedostatečné popisy a vizualizace uměleckých děl jsou dnes příznačné, i když flexibilní dokumentování je široce dostupné. FMErá je odhodlána archivovat dokumentaci svých vlastních prezentací a zde a tam ostatních umělců a přednášejících. (google translation)

Three Czech Sound Artists

This film from 2018 is
of interviews with three prominent young Czech sound artists, Jakub Rataj, Lucie Vitková, and Jiří Suchanek, (click names for stand alone documentary versions for each artist.) with work that is experimental, engaging and often provocative.


A House On Jungmannova
4 Days in Motion Festival (2006)

Video documentation and analysis of the 4+4+4 Days in Motion Festival held in an abandoned building in Prague in 2006 (chapter clip videos follow).

Introduction 4:00
The House 8:01
White Box Galleries 2:54
Ten Interventions
Do Nothing 1:16
Subtle Extension 0:46
Ironic Amplification 0:32
Imposed Amplification 2:22
Onsite Recontextualization 2:50
Offsite Recontextualization 1:13
Extreme Intervention 0:20
Amplified Dissimilarity 4:51
Self Referencing 2:40
Social Relativity 3:04
Radio Jungmann 2:16
End 1:23
Credits 0:54

View entire piece 36:47

White Mountain (2008)
Performance Art

"White Mountain" by Petra Vlachynská explores the interaction of dance movement and the action of a randomly selected Prague tram, where the driving characteristics of the tram operator, along with the rail conditions (Bílá Hora to Malovanka), guided the dance.
                                         ...see video 

David Mahler
The Art of Tape (1993)

See Part 2/2 here.
.. read more

Catacombs of Yucatan
Rooster Valley, Minnesota

Cave Installation (1995)

cave clip

SoundCulture 96

Documentation from this 1996
San Francisco-based sound
art festival.
See documentation

Zahrada mrtvych zon
Vltavska Tram Stop (2008)

                        ...see brochure/videos

Jaap Blonk (1994)
Flux de Bouche
A performance at Shy Anne Studio.

                             ... read more

Vladimir 518 (2006)
Graffiti Art (see video)

A Czech language video of rapper and graffiti expert Vladimir 518 as he addresses the expropriated gallery venue within the concrete catacombs of the Vltavska tram stop.     ...see video

Phill Niblock (1994)
Sound and Film Installation


A sound and video installation at the Swiss Hall in Tacoma, Washington. "As the audience enters the installation space (they may arrive at any time during the installation), they will be greeted by twin projection screens showing original color films of people at work in distant places such as China, Indonesia and other countries of the far east. The performance space will be filled with the minimalist drone of the composer's music designed to capture the acoustic characteristics unique to the performance space. Live didgeridoo music will mix with the pre-recorded drone intermittently. The audience will be invited to move freely within the installation for any desired length of time-- some seating will be provided but listener/viewers will be encouraged to move about. Projected videos and video monitors will be situated at various positions throughout the space featuring people of far off lands speaking anecdotally about their lives. The installation will run continuously for six hours."    more

The Six Exquisites International
Sound Art Festival 1999

Ros Bandt, Dan Senn,
Klaus Runze, David Mahler,
David Means, Suzie Kosawa

Festival Site

The Six Exquisites International
Sound Art Festival 1997

Pamela Z, Brenda Htchinson,
Manos Tsangaris and Pi-Hsien Chen,
Dorothy Martirano, Dan Senn,
Martien Groeneveld

6x Ensemble Performance, Spokane

Incidental video, Spokane and Seattle

Hear KPBX interview with Manos
Tsangaris and Pi-Hsien Chen.

Hear KPBX interview with Martien
Groeneveld and Pamela Z.

Festival Site

The Six Exquisites International
Sound Art Festival 1995

See Ensemble Video Documentation

(click artist to see video)

Trimpin, Jaap Blonk, Dan Senn,
Johannes S. Sistermanns,
James Staley, Warren Burt.

Hear KPBX interview with Warren
Burt and Jaap Blonk.

Hear KPBX interview with Dan
Senn and Johannes S. Sistermanns.

Festival Site

Volunteer Park Archeologies
Son et Lumiere (2001)

Den Horniku (2007)
Miner's Day Festival (see video)
miner's day

 muny dock
 Wall of Sound (1993)
Setup of Seattle
Storefront Installation

Paul Panhuysen setting up an
installation in Seattle.

See Paul's Lecture at the Cornish
School of the Arts in Seattle, 1993.


Shy Anne Sound and Video Festival (2000)

A three day festival of experimental video and electronic music from around the globe. Three evenings and two afternoons of bristling risk-taking in sight and sound featuring new work from the US, Argentina, Australia, Germany, and Holland. more.

zakaz vstupu

International Space Band
lycon 6Sonic explorations of inner-city landscapes, neighborhoods and building structures using found instruments and local players, both professional and non-professional more

International Space Band
The Czech Republic
isb prague route

International Space Band
Muenster, Germany
isb muenster more

International Space Band
Den Bosch, Holland

den bosch more

International Space Band
Caldwell, Idaho
 isb caldwell idaho more
Festival Documentation
Echofluxx - Six Exqusites


Opening Performance Orchestra

Fraction Music XI

Susan Hefner & Michael Evans

Ensemble Terrible
by Martin Klusák (hear)
.Low by Petr Hora (hear)
Mysie mozgy by Miroslav Thot (hear)
Tarantelle by Jakub Rataj (hear)

Camilla Hoitenga
The Sands of Time
by Miyuki Ito
.Synchronie with Lenka Kozderková
by Yoshihis Taďra (hear)
....Silbern by Karola Obermüller (hear)
Beriliner Andenken by David Means (hear)

String Quartet no.4 “Poems” Karel Husa (video)
Nice Daniel Matej (video)
Panadol Martin Burlas (video)
String Quartet no.5 Georg Friedrich Haas (video)

Apropos of Not That Michael Karman 
Mario van Horrik and Petra Dubach
The Table Piece (video)
Maciunas Ensemble For Paul (video)
Marek Hlaváč (video)
+x (video)
Jiří Suchánek (video)

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
Sailing Along the Heart of Remembrance Austin Leung (video)
Vexatious Joungmin Lee (video)
Vortex Illusion Mei-Fang Lin (video)
Au Revoir, Svetozar Rodney Waschka II (video)
"the hands we used to make were clay" Sarah Westwood (video)
Ding II  Stephen Yip (video)

(Click on artist for sound/video)

Phill Niblock
(New York-Ghent)
Bob Ostertag (San Francisco)

Jaap Blonk (Holland)
Joanna Hoffmann (Berlin-Poznan)

David Danel (Prague) performing works by
Jakub Rataj
(Prague) with Helena Šťávová
(Prague) and Markéta Jandová (Prague).

Echofluxx Ensemble performing the
vs. Intrepretation book (Agosto Foundation)
with David Means (Minneapolis), Oscar
Kubica (Prague), Michael Karman (Spain)
and Ladislav Železny (Prague).

See photo documentation of E15!

(Click on artist for video)

Lucie Vítková
John Keston
Lenka Kozderková, work by Dan Senn

Lenka Kozderková, work by Lucie Vítková
Lenka and Markéta Mazourová 1-2
Lenka and Markéta Mazourová 2-2
Agnes Kutas 1-2
Agnes Kutas 2-2
Brigid Burke

Dariusz Mazurowski

Michal Kindernay
Mark Zanter

Puppenklinik Installatio
Echofluxx Ensemb
Diana Winklerová
& Dan Senn (sound only)

Echofluxx 14 site

Michal Cáb and Peter Gonda
Lucie Vítková and Jolana Havelková
Martin Blažíček and Michal Žboříl

Brigid Burke

Martin Janíček and Bethany Lachtorin

Michael Schumacher (intro)
Joanna Adamczewska
Echofluxx Ensemble
Michal Cimala
Frances Sander & Dima Borzon
Yves Degoyan

Echofluxx 13 site


Lukasz Szalankiewicz
Marcus Bergner with Marek Bouda
Daniel Hanzlik and Pavel Mrkus
Dan Senn
David Means
Toine Horvers and friends
Anja Kaufmann and Kate Lee
George Cremaschi

Michal Cimala and Aleš Zemene
"Sound Room" Installation
Michal Rataj
Andrea Sodomka
Markéta Mazourová
Sylva Smejkalová with Quido Sen
Krzysztof Topolski (Ustream)
Lukasz Szalankiewicz (Ustream)
Festival slides.

Echofluxx 12 site

echofluxx 11Phill Niblock
Phill & Katherine Liberovskaya
Katherine & Al Margolis
Al Margolis
Michal Rataj
Michal and Ivan Boreš
Ivan Boreš
Peter Szely
Martin Janíček & Petr Ferenc
Martin Blažíček & Krzysztof Topolski
Anja Kaufmann & Frances Sander
George Cremaschi
Hana Železná
Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik
Hearn Gadbois

Echofluxx 11 site