Finding a performance space

Curatorial and programmatic concerns

- Is it live or dead acoustically?
- Does it have parallel walls?
- Are the floors usable for dancers?
- Does it have a wall to project images on?
- Does it favor acoustic music?
- What sort of sound system is needed?
- Can the space be darken for projection?
- Is there additional space available for installations/visual art?

Creative concerns

- In what way will it significantly shift what presenters do?
- In what way will it impact perception by the audience?
- Where will the audience be placed?
- Can the proscenium shift from set to set?

Commercial concerns

- Is the space accessible to the public?
- Is it near public transport?
- Is it free? What will it cost?
- Will the space itself attract an audience?

Logistical concerns

- Are tables and chairs present onsite?
- Are the chairs fixed?
- Is the space wheelchair accessible?
- Does it have a sound system. Is lighting available?
- Is it secure during the day and overnight?
- What kind of sound system will be required?
- Does it have a fast internet connection?
- How easy is it to load in equipment?
- Can you mount a banner outside for public viewing?
- Bathrooms? Kitchen?