Determine Festival Times, Dates and Format

- Tuesday through Saturday with 10 performance slots.
- Two sets per night with a possible fixed media work between or after the second.
- Sets between 30-50 minutes; artists free to do what they want during their slot.
- All but one of the slots, 2 per night, is committed to individuals or small groups presenting
   film, dance, improvised music, fixed media, poetry, vocal and instrumental music.
- Artists are chosen and not specific works.
- Echofluxx is presented in the last week of April or in early May for practical reasons as the
   Trafačka Arena is unheated and not completely dark until later.
- There is a 15-20 minute break between sets.
- On the fourth night, Friday, the second set is set aside for new music.
- Echofluxx Ensemble plays first set on Saturday, day five.