Libušín Art and Film Festival 2010
Atelier Libušín, Libušín The Czech Republic
August 21-28, 2010

A festival of contemporary art, video and film to be held in the small central Bohemian village
of Libušín celebrating an international exposé of new film, video and contemporary art.

Organizational Team

Dan Senn (USA), Anja Kaufman (Switzerland), Zuzana Vlčková (Czech Republic),
Martin Zet (Czech Republic), Frances Sander (UK), Dima Borzov (Russia).

Atelier Libušín - Venues (see diagram)

Projection Space: film festival projections
Foyer Gallery: wall art (painting, drawings).
Lawn Gallery: one large temporary sculpture/installation.
Porch Gallery: sound installation (aviary?).
Orchard Gallery: tree installation(s) (sound component?); installations on ground.
Video Installation Gallery: video installation(s)

Curatorial and Administrative Suggestions

Videos and Film(Projection Space): All organizers
Foyer Gallery: Zuzana, Frances
Video and Sound Installation (Video Installation Gallery): Anja, Dan, Dima
Sculpture (Lawn Gallery, Porch Gallery, Orchard Gallery): Martin Zet

Co-directors: Dan, Anja, Zuzana

Webmaster: Anja

Tech coordinators: Dima, Anja

Communications coordinator: Zuzana

Facilities and Site Preparation: Frances, Dima, Anja?, Zuzana?

Entry Coordinator: Frances, Anja, Zuzana (entrant notification, "your DVD has arrived...")

Organizational Schedule

August-September 2009

1. Determine exact dates for festival.

2. Identify any connections to existing events (i.e. Mayrau events).

3. Name festival (Libušín Art and Film Festival). Acquire domain name
( Begin developing simple, attractive
informational website.

2. Agree on festival design and assignment of responsibilities listed here.

3. Determine categories of film/video to be shown: experimental, short narrative, etc.

4. Determine entry format: 1) DVD for film and video. 2)

5. International call for film and video? Regional call for installations and art?

4. Determine housing provisions: who will be allowed to stay at Atelier Libušín;
nearby camping sites?; housing provided by local patrons during festival; hotel
accommodations in Kladno and Prague.

5. identify transportation links from Prague and Kladno. These need to be part of festival website.

3. Identify any possible outside funding sources.

4. Determine ticket prices. (These should be kept low. Like 100kc for entire festival).

October-December 2009

1. Initiate any possible grant applications.

2. Complete website with basic festival information, calls for films and art. All entries to be sent
to Atelier Libušín.

3. Determine deadline for video, film, installation and art entries - June 1, 2010?. Ask artists to
include with entries a photo scan, a digital still from the video or art work, biographic text.
These can be used later on in website. IMPORTANT: No materials will be returned!

4. Place links in all possible sites international.

January-May 2010

1. wait and continue preparations

2. collect packages; send out notifications that materials have arrive.

June - July 2010

1. Select festival work.

2. Print posters if there is any money.

3. Notify entrants.

August 2010

1. final preparation of festival site and equipment.

2. do festival.

September 2010

1. Organize both a physical and online archive of festival.

2. Decide whether to do another festival in 2011 or 2012.

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