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Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies was held at the Volunteer Park Conservatorium in of March in 2001 with the Over'lyre remaining in place permanently (image to the right). Video monitors, speakers and kinetic instruments were placed amidst the plants throughout the Conservatorium. Spoken sounds consisted of plant and gardening experts divulging pre-chemical secrets of gardening, canning, seed gathering, and related life stories from the early 20 Century. The stories were presented over 20 video monitors and acted as a visual-spoken counterpoint to the light beating pendulum-based sculptural instruments. Interviews were collected at the homes of regional gardeners in the fall of 2000. The installation coincided with the opening of the Gardens of Art exhibit at the nearby Asian Art Museum and was developed with assistance from the Friends of the Conservatorium.

See video documentation of event (5:00).
See Volunteer Park Archeologies video (50:00).