Invite Artists

Guest Leveraging: An ordered invitation of artists

- I do not recommend putting out a call with the exception of fixed media works, if included.
- Invite best known artists first. Tell them that you have not invited any other artists, and that by 
   inviting them first, others will likely come. Tell them about the production model. No travel
   money, about the pay, but what gear you will have and the space characteristics. Send them
   photos of the space. Tell them hat you will find them a place to stay, etc. and that you will
   provide them with a formal invitation on festival letterhead if requested.
- Once first artist is committed, invite the second guest saying “So and so will there...
- When second guest is committed, invite third saying “So and so, and so and so, are coming.”
- Invite local (Czech) artists next saying “So and so, and so and so, and so and so are coming.
- Keep one slot open until month before festival.
- Contact local schools and institutions for artist integration and possible assistance.