Do the Festival

Day Zero, Monday (day before festival begins)

- print programs.
- load in gear, set it up for 1st performances (variable proscenium?).
- clean site if necessary.
- put banners in place outside and inside space.
- gather artists at airport, bring directly to site if possible, then to billet, give them.
   cell phone and city map if necessary (cell phone is metro ticket).
- setup and test Ustream camera and mic.

Days 1,2,3 and 5, Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday

- setup chairs, adjust lights, video and sound system for two artist(s) sets.
- if site is wide open, consider proscenium shifts for each set.
- allow artist to reverse order.
- set out programs.
- setup documentation camera and mic.
- setup lighting.
- open doors at 7:00p. Expect late start, like 8:30-40p. Tell artists.
- 7:00p start U-Stream interviews with tonights artists.
- 8:30-40p: announce beginning of festival in English. Tell audience that there
   will be a break between sets.
- setup documentation equipment.
- encourage patron to meet artists before, after and during event.
- keep venue and bar open for an hour or more after second set.
- lock up venue for night and make sure artists get back to flats.
   Go with them if necessary.
- secure documentation SD chips (make NO NAME backup on harddrive and
   external DVD-R or BD-R) make sure artists know it may take two month before
   editing is complete.
- Instruct artists about Echofluxx Ensemble (David).

Day 5, Friday (variances)

- load in new music gear, music stands, extra mics, tables, etc
- longer afternoon rehearsal time needed for new music ensemble.

Day 6-7, Sunday and Monday

- Strike setup and transport gear.
- Dinner for organizers to discuss festival.